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Community Websites

Creating a web space for a community of users

A new community website was sought by an international sports association with a complex brief in order to meet the requirements of its users: A sub-site to act as repository of rules and regulations.

Ultimate is a game of 7 players using a flying disc and popular worldwide.

Before competing formally users must show an understanding of the rules by taking a test. This is available in three main languages and others by translate.

The rules are shown with annotations, images and videos. The rules are often updated and communication is key for users to define or change with consensus.

Community websites often have forums. These are created by moderators and topics are eagerly discussed. In order to manage the site posts made by users can be checked if required and spam can be caught early.

Forums are created for specific personnel with privacy enabled. For instance here the committee for rules have their own forum to discuss how and when rules are to be changed.

The site required an ability to encompass all these parts in a coherent easy to navigate and understand site. The site has users, moderators and administrators with different access and hierarchy to ensure the good running and upkeep of the site.

A specific hosting package includes a robust scaleability, good security and international fast access to servers. This allows multiple international users to operate at the same time.

The site works under the umbrella organisation

If you are interested in community websites get in touch, and we can determine how best to meet your needs and budget.

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