Hickory Nines and hot sauce

I have been a regular contributor to Hickory Nines since the outset of the collective, and also supported the Cruel & Curious art exhibition that derived from that. Usually if some work I have created falls into a surf or slide inspired niche I will post it online there.

Below you can follow a link to the website and one of the articles written by me.

Hot Sauce came about from a visit to a ramshackle little surfing town in the far south of Caribbean Costa Rica. On a reef off the harbour entrance was a very good right hander known as Salsa Brava, It took me a lot of dangerous wipeouts to get the place dialled, giving me some of the best right handers I have ever ridden.

After I had been there a few days I met a local man who had been the subject of a superb surfing novel called ‘In search of Captain Zero’. I thought he would make a good interviewee to talk about the town and it’s famous wave.  The piece I wrote for Hickory Nines is about how that all came unstuck. But then that is travel, never an adventure until it starts going wrong- Hot Sauce.

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Carribean house Playa Uvita2

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