Leopallooza VII

We had a superb weekend at Leopallooza running the backstage and VIP bar. After serving over three hundred meals and pouring a lot of Cocktails, Wilkins farmhouse cider, and Jeremiah Weed, we were knackered and then we had the crew Sunday night party.

One of the great things about Leopallooza (and there are many) is that many of the artists want to hang out and enjoy the vibe. Right across site you could see performers dancing to djs, or spinning round at the roller disco, or playing backstage at our bar.

This year we had a Southern roadhouse theme- Which seemed to be enjoyed by our patrons, an eclectic bunch of musicians, management, road crew, riggers, sparks, volunteers and music lovers.

Thanks for a massive effort by the crew who built us a magnificient bar, with plenty of tires, old cars and comfy seating…. and helped us make it a great bar to hang out in. Bravo the Leo Crew!

After three years we seem to be getting the hang of it. Our first Incarnation was the Airstream Air first class lounge, where we served gourmet burgers, and cocktails to an imagined 1970’s airport lounge, with old cinema seats and a galley dj booth. Margaritas and hostesses were a good mix.

Last year’s Incarnation was the Rehab hotel, where we imagined the inmates had taken over: Lots of nurses, doctors, and patients in pyjamas.

A big thanks from Chrissy and I to all the friends who help out, and help us have a good time, Jamie Humphries, Chris and Reanna, Jamie and Rachel, BertJim and Ig, you guys rock. And especially the alter-ego DC in head dress and tights.


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