Neil T Butler

two art blogs in a row- It goes to show that the North Coast of Cornwall is well favoured by creatives as well as surfers.
I first met Neil at an exhibition of his work in Bude a couple of years ago, I was struck by his figurative work and the drama in the people he paints. The figures are strong but vulnerable- the landscapes are urban, contemporary and slightly intimidating- The light strong and intense. It was a great body of work. This is one of the striking pieces from this collection.

I had a few surfs with Neil over they years, he favours a beach I hold dear. This year there is a fish fry at the beach, where shapers of ‘fish’ boards come and hang out, show their designs, talk shop and have a party. Much looking forward to this, as I am involved in getting a good vibe going on. Neil designed the poster.


A wave I have grown to love and fear

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