Snoozing all the way home- spotify playlist

Is everyone sitting comfortably? then let us begin…

In the not so distant days of home taping I would always have a mix tape for the long drive home from a party. Oh those endless raves in pine forest glades.

I love to dj when possible, and I am as happy to see a nodding foot or shoulder as much as arms in the air. So if I’m driving and I look in the mirror to see slumped friends half asleep, their smiles belying the happy memories of the long night, it is a trigger to rummage for this tape (or playlist). I’d  drive home no fuss, no heavy brakes, no harsh corners, the flick  of overhead orange motorway lights a metronome for a stilled mind.

Years later when I spent time driving a van back from gigs, there was always a collection on some kind of format with the same name:

‘Snoozing All The Way Home’.

My aim was to find those soothing sounds you could sleep or not to. All the tracks should be well balanced for flow, nothing too discordant, nothing too intense, good listening tracks, a little happy memory jogger at times, and something new to hold your attention. somnambulist, down beat, a little hope in the dark, like a warm light in the car through the motorway miles.
Here is my latest version on spotify. Lately ‘Snoozing All the Way Home’ has come to be a late night headphone meditation, something to slow down my thoughts and to keep me occupied when I have insomnia, good late night listening. Whatever you use it for, I hope you enjoy.
If you add it your own playlist, you might find it changes occasionally. I’ll try to keep it updated for you but always suitably somnambulistic.

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