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The Cruel & Curious Sea

This video was created with Andy Carrington for the Cruel and Curious Art Exhibition

Using sounds collected from Crackington Haven and the North Cornwall coast Andy built a soundscape using multiple channels to create an immersive sound experience. The sounds were fed into sequencers and synthesisers during the hot summer of 2018 and those slow, languorous days can be heard in this meditative collage of sounds. From the deep bass thump of the Boscastle blowhole to shingle rolling, the call of gulls and falcons and the crash of offshore waves the timeless sounds of Cornwall are turned into a piece of music to calm the soul.

The film was shown in one of the old rooms with six speakers surrounding the viewers and six channels of sound, plus a big bass bin.

Sit back, chill out and enjoy 10 minutes of music and visuals from North Cornwall.

Footage from myself, Andy and Apex Aerial Imaging


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