Wedding Photographer Gidleigh Park

Wedding Photographer Gidleigh Park

I was recently asked to be the wedding photographer at Gidleigh Park, a beautiful Hotel, and Restaurant on Dartmoor close to Chagford.

A semi-overcast day in late winter gave us a natural light that really suited the environment, some snow was still hanging about in the hills and the earliest of spring flowers gave a bit of colour.

The Bride and Groom had chosen for a simple ceremony with just the two of them, with help from their lovely Children.

I was hoping to capture a relaxed elegance, showing their friendship and love in the beautiful surroundings of the Dartmoor countryside where they live and Gidleigh Park the restaurant they frequent.

The extensive gardens were a delight to photograph in and we decide to go on a little photographic adventure after their celebration lunch. I was glad the bride brought some boots because we ended up climbing down by the river to get closer to the water.

The hotel and staff were excellent and the food first class. They have a new chef and I am hoping to visit for a nice long lunch sometime soon.

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