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A spring weekend

This weekend has been a taste of summer, with warm sunny days and a good swell. I was in London working with Reef and had a great skate with Jack Bessant through the streets and along the banks of the Thames. The band played two gigs, on Friday and Saturday in West London.

The shows were to celebrate Reef 93 to 13, and were a part of a pledge system and box set including Vinyl, tape, and rarities. It was the longest set that Reef had done, with a large selection of b sides and seldom played tracks. Many were heavy, powerful and throbbing. I was impressed at how many of the audience knew and loved these songs and how into it, everyone got. The quality of sound in the studio really helped with perfiect acoustics and state of the art speakers, delivering a clear, loud  and intense rock experience. All of the audience were within 30ft of the stage.That subdued slightly shocked look people get after a very good gig was very much in evidence, and then the after show bar really livened up.

I returned home post haste to get a classic sunday afternoon at the beach, sunbathing, surfing and a pint on the wall as the sun went down.

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